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Thursday 27th October & Monday 31st October

by mark published on 24/10/2016 12:39:00

This Thursday is the 1st Round of the DTKO.. Don't forget the format change, which is now 7 frames, 6 singles and 1 doubles.

DTKO 1st Round Draw

Next Monday 31st October is the Delegate Meeting. £50 league subs are due and you will need to hand in your Knockout Forms with the entry fees.

League Information

by mark published on 29/09/2016 12:04:00

Division 4 - Unfortunately, after the books were printed and the leagues finalised, Church Inn (Bell Lane) pulled out. This fixture will now be a bye.

Premier – The Beehive have joined the league at the last minute, and took the last spot in the Premier (Code I in the forthcoming book).

2nd Division – The Three Terriers team (Code B) are playing from the Hark To Towler, 122-124 Bury New Road, Heywood OL10 4RG.

Team Knockout

by mark published on 15/10/2016 20:02:00

The following teams are through to the next round of the Team Knockout.. 30 Teams down to 16 teams, which will mean 14 matches and 2 byes. I am aiming to do the draw at St. Mary's on Wednesday when we play Dobbies. The numbered counters (1-30) will match up to the following teams..

Draw No.   Team
1   Savanna “C”
2   Starkey Arms
3   Beehive
4   Savanna “B”
5   New Swan “B”
6   Roach Hotel “A”
7   Major
8   Game Cock “A”
9   White Boar “A”
10   Spotted Cow
11   Cross Keys “A”
12   Foresters "A"
13   Game Cock “B”
14   White Boar “B”
15   Royal Oak “B” (RAD)
16   Unicorn “B”
17   Swinton Leisure
18   Riley’s “B” (Prestwich)
19   Hark To Towler (Heywood)
20   Waggonmakers “B”
21   New Swan “A”
22   Swan (Tottington)
23   Victoria Hotel “B”
24   Royal Oak (Prestwich)
25   Dobbies
26   Cross Keys “B”
27   Crown Inn (Heywood)
28   Bar 1
29   St Mary’s “B”
30   St Mary’s “A”