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Individual Knockout - 2nd Round

by mark published on 10/12/2016 15:18:00

The following players are through to the 2nd Round of the Individual Knockout..

S. Benson (Olde Queen Anne), S. Gough (New Swan B), Ant.Carter (New Swan C), David Mowatt (Bar 1), L. Lee (St Mary’s A), N. Davenport (Royal Oak p/w), C. Nance (Rileys B), A. Carter (Starkey Arms), S. Slymon (New Swan B), J. Turner (New Swan B), M. Arnold (St Mary’s A), S. Reynolds (White Boar A), M. McClelland (Rileys B), S. O’Toole (Waggonmakers A), S. Fitzsimmons (New Swan B), J. Carroll (Swan Totty), I. Ferrari (White Boar A), N.P. Gaunt (White Boar A), G. Southwood (Dobbies), C. Hartley (Waggonmakers B), C. Briggs (Starkey Arms), I. Towers (New Inn B), P. Fernley (Peel B), T. Eatock (Roach A), R. Whittaker (Roach A), C. Berry (Swan Totty), L. Mills (Top Bull), D. Redmond (Major), M. Giles (Victoria B), S. Beckett (Cross Keys A), J. Towers (New Inn B), D. Whalley (New Swan C), S. Tilley (Fairfield), N. Hughes (New Swan C), M. Ashworth (Rileys B), S. Trayford (Rileys B), L. Lineker (Savanna B), L. Reynolds (White Boar A), L. Salisbury (Olde Queen Anne), R. Clarke (Bar 1), B. Dawson (Royal Oak (p/w), R. Bailey (Savanna C), D. Evans (Swan Totty), J. Gaskell (Victoria B), Al. Carter (New Swan C), K. Crowshaw (St Mary’s A), M. Butterworth (New Swan C), A. Strange (Roach B), J. Iqbal (Starkey Arms), P. Howcroft (New Swan B), D. Rayner (Beehive), JJ Faul (Savanna B), G. Heywood (St Mary’s A), W. Fenton (New Swan B), L. Whitworth (Royal Oak p/w)

Still waiting on the following results..

B. Tinker (Starkey Arms) V M. Evans (St Mary’s A)
J. Noone (Savanna B) V A. McAlpine (Rileys B)
J. Morrison (Roach B) V P. Clarkson (New Swan C)
J. Byrne (Rileys B) V P. Dalley (St Mary’s B)
C. Probyn (Savanna C) V M. McHugh (Peel B)
D. Hardman (Fairfield H.S.C.) V S. Swimby (Major)
J. Redmond (Major) V J. Jowett (Major)
A. Dale (St Mary’s B) V A. Stickland (Victoria B)
D. Stevens (Peel A) V J. McDonald (Roach B)

Team Knockout - Quarter Final

by mark published on 02/12/2016 17:52:00

The draw will take place at St. Mary's on Wednesday 14th December at 7:30pm. Captains and Players of any team are welcome to attend.

The following teams are in the draw for the Quarter Final of the Team KO. Matches are due to be played on Thursday 12th January 2017.

1 Major
2 Starkey Arms
3 Cross Keys B
4 St Mary's A
5 Dobbies or White Boar A
6 Hark To Towler (Hey)
7 Swan (Totty)
8 New Swan B



Divisional Team Knockout - Semi Final

by mark published on 02/12/2016 18:14:00

The following teams are in the draw for the Semi-Final of the Divisional Team Knockout. Draw will be done at the Delegate Meeting on 9th January at about 7:45pm, any Team Captains or representatives are welcome to attend. Matches are due to be played on Thursday 26th January 2017.

Premier 1 Swinton Leisure   3rd Division 1 Old QueenAnne (Hey)
  2 Cross Keys A     2 St Mary's B
  3 New Inn B     3 White Boar B
  4 Swan Totty     4 Game Cock A
1st Division 1 New Swan D   4th Division 1 Overdraught A
  2 Roach B     2 Bridge Tavern
  3 St Mary's A     3 Old Tower
  4 Fairfield Inn     4 Railway
2nd Division 1 Royal Oak A (Rad)        
  2 Spotted Cow        
  3 Royal Oak B (Rad)        
  4 Savanna C        


Main Individual, Doubles & Ladies Knockouts

by mark published on 27/11/2016 10:37:00

Here are the draws for the Individuals, Doubles and Ladies Knockout 1st Round draws..

Individual Knockout Round 1

Ladies Knockout Round 1

Doubles Knockout Round 1

This is the home of the new RDPL website

by mark published on 25/10/2015 18:30:00

As you can see it's not finished, but you can find the old RDPL site here.. Old RDPL site