League Notes

League Notes Radcliffe & District Pool League


  • Minimum of 10 players registered per team with no upper limit.
  • Registration fee of £5.00 per player.
  • Teams may register new players at any time during the season.
  • Players will be allowed to re-register for another team up to and including the January delegate meeting at the discretion of the committee. Transfer Fee £15.00. Players can be cup-tied and at no time should a player be registered for more than one team.
  • A receipt of registration must be held by a team before a player can play. These can be obtained at any delegate or committee meeting.
  • Any team playing non registered players will forfeit all points to the opposition and be fined £5.00 on the first occasion, £10.00 on the second and doing so a third time will result in immediate disqualification from the league.
  • Subscriptions to be paid in two instalments of £60.00 each. (See Meetings)
  • All monies must be paid to the TREASURER only.


  • Seven individual games in League Matches.
  • In League Matches one point will be awarded to the winner of each game plus two points for a home win and three points for an away win.
  • Match cards must be received by the Fixture Administrator by 12 noon the following Saturday. If not the winning team are fined £5.00. The League will not be held responsible for non receipt of mail or any correspondence lost in the post.
  • Any team failing to appear for league matches will be fined £5.00 and doing so on three occasions will result in immediate disqualification from the league. (See Note 18)
  • Teams dropping out of the league before half way stage of the fixtures being completed, all results will be null and void.
    Teams dropping out after the half way stage..
    1. If all matches in the 1st half of the season have been played (with 4 or more players), then the 1st half results will stand, and the 2nd half results will be null and void.
    2. If any match in the 1st half are a No Show (NTU) then all results from the start of the season will be null and void.


Re-arranged League Games – have to be played before the original date or within two weeks of the original date at mutual agreement between teams. If the date cannot be agreed the game is to be played on the 15th day from the original date of the game, if not played by then and the result card not delivered to the fixture administrator by Saturday 12 noon the game will be made void and both teams awarded zero points.


If you rearrange a knockout match you may loose your home advantage if the opposing team do not agree to play it at the original venue.


  • All tables to be in a reasonable playing condition and venues must also endeavour to supply a rest.
  • At league and team K.O. matches a team must have at least 4 players present by 8.30 pm or they will forfeit the first game. They will forfeit the match at 8.45 pm with the opposing team completing names and signatures.
  • When all players present for a team have played and the match is unfinished 10 minutes must elapse before any game can be claimed. e.g. 5th game - 10 minutes, 20 minutes - 6th game. Opposing team to complete names and signatures.


  • Any team or player wishing to make a complaint must submit it to the league secretary, in writing, within 48 hours of occurrence, accompanied by a £5.00 appeal fee. If the appeal is judged groundless the fee will be forfeited. (No telephone or verbal complaints will be accepted).
  • All teams must send a representative to attend Delegate Meetings in order to collect league correspondence and pay fees due. Failure to do so will, on the first occasion, incur a warning and £5 fine, on the 2nd occasion will incur a 3 point penalty and a £5 fine (the only time this will not be enforced is if ALL monies are paid and there are no team members in any knockout draws).
  • At a league meeting one vote per team is allowed, to be made by a registered player of that team only. No postal or proxy votes allowed.
  • At a committee meeting 4 committee members will be counted as a majority.
  • Committee members who fail to turn up at two committee meetings without good reason will be asked to resign, for the well-being of the league.
  • The committee shall reserve the right to add, exclude or amend any note or rule that in their opinion is in the best interest of the R. & D. P. L. providing that they have consent of a majority at a delegate meeting.
  • Any breach of the notes or rules or conduct of players or teams likely to bring the league into disrepute will be dealt with by the committee.
  • The committee’s decision is final.


The top three teams in each division will be promoted and the bottom three teams will be relegated as applicable. At the end of the season, should more than one team have the same points the winners will be decided by the aggregate difference between won and lost. If that is not decisive the aggregate difference between for and against. Further to that there will be a play off.


The top three teams in each division will receive trophies along with the quarter, semi and finalists in the individual and doubles knock-out. Trophies will also be given to the semi and finalists of the ladies, mixed doubles and team knock-outs, the divisional players of the year, the 8-ball knockout, plus a winners trophy for the overall player of the year knock-out and the divisional team knock-out winners. Only winners of each division will be handed an annual shield. Teams/Players failing to attend the presentation evening will forfeit their right to trophies and any prize monies won.


Played over one leg, first team drawn has home advantage, however, if the home team re-arrange from the original date they will forfeit home advantage if the opposing team wish to exercise their right to do so. The home team signs the card first for all frames.


Played over one leg, best of 7 frames, six individual and one doubles game. (a player may only play in one individual and one doubles). Doubles matches will be Scotch (or Dutch) Doubles. The Home Team sign the card first, then alternate, Away Team, Home Team etc. For the break, toss for the choice of break in the first frame, then alternate.


The knockout draw will be made in public and will be advertised.


Only registered members of the league may enter this competition at a cost of £5.00 per player. All matches up to the final will be best of three frames, the final best of five frames. Order of play to be decided by the toss of a coin.


Only registered members of the league may enter this competition at a cost of £5.00 per player, which is run on the same basis as the individual knock out.


Only registered members of the league may enter this competition at a cost of £5.00 per pair, both players being from the same team. The Pairs KO is a Scotch (or Dutch) Doubles event, where players take alternate shots.


Only registered members of the league may enter this competition at a cost of £5.00 per pair. The Mixed Pairs KO is a Scotch (or Dutch) Doubles event, where players take alternate shots.


One player in each division will enter the 8-Ball Knockout competition, in the event of a tie, there will be a single frame play-off, in the event of a break and dish the opponent will be given "the right to reply".


Gold, Silver & Bronze medals will be awarded to players achieving the top 3 number of wins in each division.


Notice must be given to the team/player and K.O. administrator before 9.30pm on the Wednesday prior to the match (team K.O.’s - Wednesday week before), with a re-arranged date/time for the match to be played which must be on or before the said date of the knock out. Any difficulty in re-arranging the match must be reported to the committee immediately and remember the onus is on the team/players requiring the cancellation.

As with the Team Knockout, if you are drawn with Home advantage, and you wish to re-arrange, then you may forfeit this advantage if the opposing Team or Player(s) wish to exercise their right to do so.


One Gold Medal player in each division is eligible to enter this competition, to be played on the Finals Nights. In the event of a tie for the Gold Medal position, a play-off will take place.